At the beginning of the 20th century a connection between the City of Salzburg and Untersberg was planned by means of a postless "monster cable-car". After 1945, after the stabilization of the economic conditions in Austria, the plan could be realized. In 1958 the Untersberg cable-car Society was founded, in 1959 construction started and in 1961 the opening followed.
The Untersberg cable-car (UBB) is operated by a two-cable system and runs in shuttle-traffic. The UBB, from a technical point of view, reaches several peak values in comparison to other cable-cars within the Alps: Exceptionally large difference in altitude of 1320 m, largest distance from the ground 286m, and an enormously long free-hanging span of 1.548 km between the valley station and post I.
Technical details: April 1961
Construction time: from 1958 till 1961
Ropeheight from the valleystaion St. Leonhard: 456 m
Ropeheight from the top station: 1776 m
Difference in altitude: 1320 m
Largest distance from ground : 286 m
Horizontal length of cable-car: 2494 m
Diagonal length of cable-car: 2850 m
Average inclination: 52 %
Largest inclination : 79%
Carrying rope 65 mm diameter, from 259 wires ,
Towing rope:
30 mm diameter, trackrope 26 mm,
2 cabins
50 people each, service load about 4000 kg for each cabin  
Maximum speed: 7 m/s
Transport duration: ca. 8,5 min.
capacity: 300 people/hour maximum in one direction
braking system:
Vorlegebremse Bremsscheiben zwischen Motor und Getriebe,
Hauptbremse: an der Antriebsscheibe,
signal und Telephonconection via the carring rope cable - inductive