K800 EH1The Schellenberger ice cave is located at1570 meters. Ideally, the visitors hikeup early in the seasion, after opening the ice cave. You can reach the entrance from starting in the valley or make a long hike from the mountain station of the cable car. As earlier you visit the cave in the spring as more ice is in theSchellenberger ice cave. The cave tours takes about 45minutes (depending on the season).

Before it goes down the visitors get carbide lamps.
Please, you must bedressed warmly. Temperatures in the cave
are partly below zero.So don´t forget the warm clothings even in the summer!!
More detail information about tours and timetabele please check the village homepage or the Toni Lenz lodge homepage.

Track to the Ice cave:

Between the village Marktschellenberg and the border toAustria, on the B 305, you will find a small, free car park for the Schellenberger ice cave. Here, close to the historical "boarder tower",the challenging climb begins on a good path. Throught shady forests you will reach the treeline in about 1,5h to 2 hours. Above you will have magnificentview of the Untersberg and theToniLenz Hut (1.450m). From this point it´s a other good hour. From there it's only 20 minutes to Schellenberger ice cave.


The way across the Untersberg plateu with help from the cable car:

The ice cave is in about 2 hours hiking from the Untersberg moutain top station reachable. The path leads through thehigh alpine karst plateau, then you will pass the Thomas Eder path (one of the most unique and most interesting of itskind), for approximately 200m deeper located, you can find the entrance to the "Schellenberger ice cave".
More hiking tours / retourn way:


From the cave entrance to the Thomas Eder path which opens up in bold lines(by 4 tunnels) the vertical rock edge to Mittagsscharte. Above the Mittagsscharteyou can choose to the right in direction Salzburg Hochtron (1853m) or to themountain station of the cable car back, or left to Störhaus (3 hours).

Detail-information about the ice cave:

Die Eismassen der größten Eishöhle Deuschlands werden auf 60.000m3geschätzt. Durch 30m dicke Eisschichten führt der Rundweg in tiefer gelegene Eishallen mit "Eismandeln", Eisfahnen und Eisfällen.
Die Führung erfolgt mit Karbidlampen, die von den Besuchern getragen werden. Dabei entstehen im warmen Licht beeindruckende Einblicke in das innere des Eises.
The ice of the largest ice caves in Germany only be estimated at 60.000m3. By30m thick ice of the trail leads to deeper ice rinks with "Eismandeln" Eisfahnenand ice falls.
  • The tours will take about 40 minutes

  • Do not forgett the warm clothing!!

         more infos:  http://www.eishoehle.net/